Southern Oregon Veterans Benefit was started in 1996 by a couple of veterans who wanted to help veterans with employment and educations barriers. For the first few years, S.O.V.B. was able to raise between $8000.00 to $12,000.00 or more each year by running golf tournaments. Over the years, this organization has helped thousands of veterans with the small things they needed to continue their college education, continue working, keep a roof over their families’ heads, repair their cars, and move to new locations for work.  S.O.V.B. staff and board members do not receive any income for their volunteer work. In fact, go to our web page ( and read some of the stories of the help our organization has given to veterans.  There’s one story I’d like to tell you about: I’ll never forget this one.
Last year, our board members and voting members agreed to help a veteran and his family for the Christmas holidays. We pick a family each season to help. This family was really struggling and needed a car repaired, food, and other items. Their income was very limited and they wasn’t sure if they would have a Christmas for their 1 1/2 year old and their 3 year old child.  Our members voted to help fix their car, and get them some food; plus we sent them $250.00 so they would have a Christmas.
A few days later, we received a Christmas card from the family.  In the letter they thanked us for helping them and in the bottom of the letter, they took the foot of each child and made a print from each one and then made them look like a snowman.  It was incredible for us to receive a thank you from families who appreciate our support and assistance.  We can’t help all veterans and their families but we can make a difference for a few of them.
One other item, we are the organization that will be bringing a Replica of The Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall with all 58,000 plus names to Jackson County and it will be permanent at the Don Jones Park in Central Point.  Read about on our web page.  Thank you.
Russ McBride
President S.O.V.B.