We profiled over 70 nonprofits and interviewed hundreds of Oregonians for State of Giving…but we barely scratched the surface. We live in an era where giving back to and getting involved with your community, and with distant ones, is easier than ever. Oregon’s history is being made every day by citizens like you, and we think it’s important to have record of all of the good work being done on the ground. 

We want your story, and the story of those you admire. Do you or someone you know volunteer or donate or devote their lives to an organization? Do you campaign on a particular issue? Are you engaged in public service? Maybe you’ve been the recipient of another’s generosity, or the witness to it. Perhaps you’ve started up your own organization or giving circle, or knocked on doors to advocate for social justice, or done a charity run, or started a Kickstarter campaign for something you care about.

Whatever it is, we want to hear about it. Email us a paragraph about why and how you, someone else, or an organization gives back, and we’ll post it on this website. Whether it’s helping out a neighbor or saving a forest, this kind of work matters. It helps others, it inspires others, and it builds community and place.

This is Oregon’s story: you can help tell it.

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